Kissing checklist

Places I want the future husband to kiss me. Inspired by Cup of Jo's post on artist Rachel E Foster's original checklist. I've got my posted on a vintage clipboard in the bedroom.


I'd go to the Silver Screen

"Are we screw ups?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean we are 33..."


"...and we don't even have the basic stuff figured out yet."

I'd go to the Silver Screen to see the new film Away We Go. My heart skipped a beat when I learned that Dave Eggers co-wrote the screenplay. 


An ideal wardrobe: Ballet flats

LOVE my new ballet flats. Bought in Waterloo last weekend at Heel Boy, the pearlized candy apple red leather caught my eye. These dainty flats are called 'city roll ups' - you can scrunch them up in your hand. It wasn't a surprise to learn that the Australian designer Bloch is one of the world's premiere ballet shoe companies.

Can't wait to walk across the cobblestone streets of Quebec City on Easter weekend.