Me-holiday: Day Five

Hard to feel like I was really on a me-holiday today as it was Monday and back to work. Plus, last week's spring tease is over in the Sarn. Rain and grey skies pushed me toward autumnal comfort foods tonight. A massive pot of Farmhouse Butternut Squash Soup and a steaming mug of homemade chai masala. Pods of cardamon, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, white peppercorn, ginger. {hmmm}.


Six-month mark

My wildflower bouquet. I miss the Hub.

Me-holiday: Days Three and Four

A gong show of a weekend that involved lost keys, ladders and pick-up trucks. Seems I find myself in some jams without the Hub.
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Me-holiday: Day Two

Sometimes, cleaning is like exercise. I got a jump on spring cleaning by taking down and washing all our curtains. The smell of freshly laundered cotton was comforting. Then a beer and a bubble bath.
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Me-holiday: Day One

Day One without the Hub. How did I enjoy this me-time? A 45-minute run in plus-10 degree weather. Sushi pizza and rainbow dragon roll picked up from Sarnia's only Japanese restaurant, Se Yo. The Canadian film One Week, starring Joshua Jackson. (Yes that Dawson Creek Joshua Jackson). It's a Canadian road trip movie and recommended by my own Canadian road trip best friend. In 1999, we packed up the Big White Buick LeSabre and put 23,000 on her over three months. The movie brought back many fond memories. Oh, and some great Canadian music.
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Travel daydreaming: Anywhere

The Hub leaves for his Costa Rica surf trip in four days. I opted not to go with because I didn't want to be the third wheel and that's what happens when he's with a surfboard. {giggle}. But I've got a strong itch to go away, even just for a weekend. I'm close to booking a Porter flight to Tremblant on Easter Weekend so that I can have brunch here with the dearest Franjours.
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Chalkboard inspiration


Handmade wish list

I just went imaginary shopping over @ Poppytalk Handmade, and this is what I bought with my imaginary money:

From top to bottom:
1. Silver Flower Cushion by be still.
2. Hello There greeting cards by Pistachio Press.
3. Airstream painting by Leah Giberson.


Travel daydreaming: Dinner in NYC

Joanna mentioned that she dined @ a quaint restaurant in NYC called Hundred Acres. I'm always scouting for good places to go to in that massive city, and one look @ the menu, and I was drooling. If, if, if, I was dinning there tonight I would have eaten:

* the beer battered Rhode Island squid with shaved fennel, ruby grapefruit, black olives and aioli for an app followed by;

* the house-made semolina macaroni with butternut squash, currants, pine nuts, sage and savoury breadcrumbs!

Sounds so delectable, doesn't it?

And beautiful chalk

Ohhh...60 sticks of chalk beautifully contained in a round paper holder. The label reminds me of elementary French class. This would be a wonderful accompaniment to the homemade chalkboards the Hub and I give as wedding gifts.
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Chalkboard inspiration

For shells and jewellery

The Hub and I collected so many shells while travelling in New Zealand - actually its a habit of mine wherever I go - but I've always struggled to incorporate them into my living space (likely because I was downsizing for so many years). When I finally decided to join the Hub two years ago here in Sarnia, I thought of the perfect place to display and actually use some that were in storage: little jewellery display dishes that grace the top of my dressing table. (The black and white photos are of my mom and dad as kids).

An early Mother's Day gift

My mom, who turned 65 this year, probably doesn't need another plate to add to her china cabinet but I couldn't resist this hand painted piece. It was on the 80% off table at Grace Brothers Antiques on Front Street. I was looking around for an oak tall boy dresser but this piece reminded me of spring and my mom. It's so delicate, isn't it?

Fifty-four cents

The Hub and I bought these retro teacups from the Sally Ann for a whopping fifty-four cents. I delighted to read on the ceramist's mark that while imported from Japan, they were designed and hand-painted in Collingwood, Ontario.

On my beside table

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. One of the reviews states: "At least as heartbreaking as it is hilarious." Leo Gursky, the man who keeps his manuscript in a box in the oven, who gives himself a sponge bath after long, unproductive trips to the toilet, who fled Poland, is making me laugh, and I can only imagine I'll cry in the remaining chapters.

Honeymoon jewellery

Sterling silver sparrow necklace with pearls by Mesa Blue, $18.50 U.S.; White glazed antique ball necklace, bought at UE Chic, $20.00 CDN; Red Coral studs, bought at a jewellery store in Hvar, Croatia, 10 EUROS.

Photographed in the bathroom of our rented apartment in Hvar, Croatia, September 2009.


Thank you Mira

What a perfectly suited gift I received this weekend from my older sister Mira. Lisa Nola's LISTOGRAPHY - "the book designed to help you create your autobiography through list making." I am excited to see where this list making takes me (have you seen Andrea's lists here?)

Olympic spirit...Slovenian style

There were many inspiring stories throughout the two week Olympic games in Van but the one which inspires me the most is that of cross-country skiier, Petra Majdic. While the true extent of her injuries are still being debated, she is known to have lost control around an icy corner during a qualifying sprint, falling 10 metres down a hill. Reports indicate that despite fractured ribs and a punctured lung, she insisted on returning to the course to complete the remaining qualifying races. Not only did she qualify, she won the bronze medal. And where is she from? Oh, that scenic little European nation of Slovenia where I said 'yes.'