French film: Le Bonheur

My second French film rental of the summer: the 1965 Agnes Varda film - Le Bonheur (Happiness). A story of a young carpenter who while happy with his wife and two young children, begins an affair with a woman who works in the post office. As he rationalized his love for both his wife and his mistress, I wondered is this what makes the French different when it comes to love?

Mending love in a tent

My heart is heavy b/c the Hub and I aren't in a good place @ the moment. I'm hoping that he accepts my invite to explore limestone and turquoise water this weekend, and perhaps we can mend things by sleeping outdoors. Image found over at my favourite Poppytalk Handmade marketplace.

Wish list: Shoe love

Oh goodness! If my money tree was growing abundantly this summer, I'd indulge in these lovelies for the fall. Discovered over at Cup of Jo.


Travel daydreaming: Cable car in the Alps?

Can you imagine? It would come pretty close to feeling like a bird. I'm guessing that it is somewhere in the Alps but maybe you know? I would love to find out just where in the world this is. Found at Museum of Happiness.

More bench love

This Donna Wilson bench with grey linen fabric and beech wood legs gives me bench love. Found over @ Mint.

Cocktail hour

Beer margaritas. Dockside at Home Lake in the Kawarthas this past weekend.


Entranceway benches

I am a big fan of benches - outdoors and indoors. This one was a before and after on Design Sponge (don't you just heart their before and after photos? So inspiring).

Inspiration: Boathouses and paddles

This photo by Michael Graydon makes me want to head north now, to the dark, deep lake waters of Algonquin or the Muskokas. Found via Popptalk.

Travel daydreaming: Palm Springs

I've travel day dreamed about Palm Springs before but thought if I weren't to stay in a hotel, this house would be a fun place to rent with friends for a long weekend.

French film: L'Heure d'été

I studied French until I was 18 years old but I don't think I ever really learned it. Almost every year on my birthday goal list I include - to get better at French - or - to take a French class - or - to watch French movies. Well, seeing as how I am a lady of leisure this summer, I rented my first French film last week - L'Heure d'été (Summer Hours) and wasn't disappointed. I love the slow poignancy of French film.

Ten-month mark

Every day is the 19th. To celebrate the 10th month as Mr. + Mrs. we are going to play tennis and sip bubbles.


Travel daydreaming: San Miguel, Mexico

Just when I thought I'd lost my gusto for travel, one of my dear friends presents to me San Miguel, Mexico in January. What a dream to look forward to: cobblestone streets, old adobe houses, historic churches and empty fountains nestled in the interior of Mexico. For a little wardrobe and suitcase inspiration, I stumbled upon Ruche Clothing's San Miguel look-book. How dreamy!


Summer on G-Bay

Sunset images from our weekend up north @ my parents' cottage on Georgian Bay.

Blonde floors

While dark, coffee and chocolate-inspired wood floors are lovely, I'm thinking more and more that blonde is the way to go (if and when the Hub and I ever settle in our own little nest). Inspiration found at Design Sponge where Grace and the girls are going through their best-of series.