Said the whale

Good Canadian tunes in town on Friday night. Hand clapped along with Vancouver's Said the Whale. Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia is likely to be my summer album. 


Matchbook - Three

Vintage Sutton. Can you imagine the lounge circa-70s? Cigarettes and cocktails. 


Morning practice

This simple desk and chair inspire me to pick up my pen and engage in my neglected morning practice. Tomorrow morning?
(photo from the style files' post)



my paternal grease monkey. slovenian born, world travelled and settled in t.o. sixty-seven and still working. instilled my love of nature - mountain hikes and beach walks, naturalized gardens and indoor house plants. 

thank you for visiting last weekend. 
(photo by elevated press)


Matchbook - Two

The bilingual pick-up line. 


I'd go to the Silver Screen

Inside all of us is hope.

Inside all of us is fear.

Inside all of us is adventure.

Inside all of us is a wild thing. 


Favourite thing

Picked up the future husband's wedding band from Made You Look jewellery artist Zsolt on Saturday. It was stunning and I could finally appreciate Zsolt's enthusiasm for the piece; he must have photographed it 100 times. The future husband testwore it for a couple of hours on the weekend and his smile said it all.


Protein punch

Leb Lebi - one of my favourite protein packed dinners discovered in a magazine en route to New Zealand last year. If I remember correctly, it is a favourite energy boosting meal of a hot couple who own a bustling restaurant in NYC. The best combination of chickpeas, tuna, poached eggs, cumin and hot sauce I've ever had.


Matchbook - One

Vintage matchbook found from the 'junkyard' at Pete's Place in Petrolia. More to come. 

The Great Lakes

A two-day drive around superior, a yet-to-be visited michigan, a childhood on g-bay, wineries and point pelee on erie, my t.o. birthplace on ontario and now I am getting to know huron. These are great lakes.

Poster by Ork.