pop of colour

Another lovely (and cheap) bouquet of flowers from the Farmers' Market. Gracing the new kitchen table top. 

Saturday finds

Detours can be fruitful. The sign advertised a furniture sale. My Sarnia lifeguard Christina and I walked down the gravel drive to a large, three-door barn like garage. We expected some farm house antiques but were awed by the chairs, the cupboards, the hutches, the buffets, the sideboards, the tall boy dressers, the chalkboards, the lamps, the rocking chairs not in shabby shape but rather shabby chic - lovingly stripped, repainted and upholstered where necessary. And the prices. I bought six pine chairs and country-style table for $300. Christina a $250 white French side board and ideas bouncing around in her head how she could too turn her love of refinishing old furniture into a job (just like the two ladies hosting the sale). Oh, and the future husband didn't even balk when I told him I bought it. 


the future husband

Click...The future husband invested in my desire to take good photos. I was reluctant to put aside my old manual for a DSLR but with our upcoming European nuptials, the time was right. My goal is to get up before sunrise on Friday and head out to shoot some farm fields and old barns. 


I'd go to the Silver Screen

Roald Dahl - England's Intrepid and one of my favourite childrens' story book authors - is having his Fantastic Mr. Fox interpreted by another 'intrepid' of sorts - Wes Anderson - for the Silver Screen this fall. 

Watch the trailer here


Thursday night in the Darn Sarn

Sipping a Red Cap, swooning over the replacement 'wedding' dress I just bought @ Banana Republic in London ON. I'm the last woman in the world whom I'd imagine would have to buy two dresses and one custom-made bolero before finally arriving at THE outfit to say 'I do' in. Accompanied by my unexpected Sarnia friend. 


pop of colour

I needed a spirit uplift the other morning. The remedy: a six dollar bouquet of flowers from the farmers' market. How could this pop of colour not make me smile?

rainy day pencils

Rain since 11:30 a.m. The future husband is out collecting soil samples for work. Inspired by Laura Normandin's guest blog on Design Sponge, I decided to craft up my own storm this morning. The paper was left over from one of my Big Sister craft nights, 20 pencils for two bucks from the dollar store and the forgotten about Mod Podge. LOVed that stuff as a kid. 



In less than four weeks, I'll be spoilt and celebrated by all my amazing girlfriends:

The original: Daniella
The school mate: Rita
The soul mate: Jazzy
The best friend: Lindz
The Brushcuts: Adie, Jaye, Kate, Emily in spirit and dearest Jobu
The unexpected travellers: Milo and Elissa
The future sister-in-laws: Lou and Liz
The sprinkles of crafty sunshine: Dana and Mandy
The Sarnia lifeguard: Chris
The 'Cousin': Kir
(Photo via J.Crew)