Ontario potters

En route back to Sarnia, we pit stopped in my old university town of Guelph. Lunched at Diana's and stumbled upon the Potters Market @ the Goldie Mill. It was a beautiful outdoor setting for so many homemade wares, and we ran into the Hub's old potting teacher.

Two of new potters I discovered are Jennifer Graham from Stratford, Ontario and the uber-talented Cam Fisher based in New Hamburg.


Staying focused

My horoscope for today is the reminder that I need to stay focused.


Friends, music and the outdoors

Here are more pics of our long weekend spent dockside in Bala. We enjoyed laughs and eats and music in a laid-back, wish I could live in this environment all the time setting. Really, it was a check about where the Hub and I are bouncing to next - back to T.O. - when we were visiting with such great friends up north. Of course these northern friends of ours have their own sets of stresses but the grind of cement and rubber is removed.

Long weekends

The dock @ the lumber yard, Bala, Muskoka


Eighth-month mark

What arrived today of all days, the 19th of the month, our eighth-month anniversary? Our wedding album from Grega. Eight months late but perfect timing.


Going places?

Going places this weekend? The Hub is in Toronto and I'm here but daydreaming of travelling.

Bonne weekend.
(Image via Ruffled)


Where to shop in Sarnia: Pete's Place

OK - while technically not in Sarnia, Pete's Place is a must-do when living and surviving in Sarnia. Located off of Station Street in Petrolia, Pete's Place is half-rummage sale, half-junk yard. I don't know the full story on Pete other than he is some wild collector (so I assume he's half mad) with a large warehouse stuff to the brim with everything and anything.

It was our second time out to Pete's (the first time we bought vintage matchbooks). Our score: a vintage, cherry red Samsonite weekender bag for two dollars.

Where to day trip from Sarnia: Petrolia

The Hub and I drove 35 minutes out of town, alongside newly sown fields, past houses with pickup trucks in the driveways, into the small town of Petrolia. A nice, leisurely, do-nothing of consequence Sunday.

Thinking of moms

My relationship with my mom could be described as tough love; that's not something that is easy to admit on a day dedicated to the women who bring us all into the world. But underneath all the complicatedness is a true love for my mom. Thinking of you Do-Bird.
(Handmade card found here).


Where to go in Sarnia: The beach @ Canatera Park

Even on a rainy, windy Saturday, the beach @ Canatera Park is a lovely place to stop and relax for a few moments.

An ideal wardrobe: Shoes

I guess I didn't get the memo that swim wear no longer seems to be stocked in-store and that stores like J.Crew and Anthropologie drive you to their websites to buy suits online. Unfortunately for a pear-bodied lady like myself, that is too much of a hassle - I can only imagine how many returns I would have to go through before finding the right suit.

So instead of bathing suits, I indulged in 'ideal' footwear: a pair of casual sneaks, dressed up thongs, and everyday kitten heel pumps. What a women 'needs.'


An ideal wardrobe: Bathing suits

My Sarnia Life Saver and I are heading State-side tomorrow for a day of shopping @ Sommerset Mall. On my ideal wardrobe list is a new one-piece bathing suit. A few from J.Crew and Anthropologie are potential contenders.
(From top to bottom: Solid Wrap Tank in cinnabar, J. Crew; Jersey Lomellina Cabana Tank in wild peony, J.Crew; New Heights one-piece, Anthropologie; Lake Ripples one-piece, Anthropologie)



Himalayan bath salts. Mint and cucumber bubble bath. A candle lit. A book or a magazine. Steam because the water is so hot and neck muscles relaxing. Tub time is me time is a ritual.


Three favourite things

1. Our map. It hangs on the wall outside our bathroom. At night, while we are both brushing our teeth, we study where countries connect, where oceans collide, where the world is from.

2. Soap - of a pretty kind - continues to be my small indulgence.

3. L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Cream. Luxury.


Goal: To eat healthy snacks

When the Hub and I were living and travelling in New Z., we met Anna and Roger Wilde, an outdoorsy couple behind Wild Health Food in Nelson on the South Island. I've made a number of their health, inspired recipes over the last few years, and I recently selected three snack and dessert recipes to kick start my goal of eating healthier snacks.

In the oven right now, Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins. Full of barley and spelt flour goodness and pops of blueberry (luckily I have still have a bag in the freezer from picking last summer).

Where to eat in Sarnia: Lola's Lounge

Fine dining in Sarnia is ever so limited but the one consistent option is Lola's Lounge on Christina Street. It's a converted former dinner that's now a loudy decorated hot spot. The Hub and I, and our Sarnia lifesavers grabbed dinner and drinks there last night. Oh, and the homemade chocolate flourless torte for dessert. Resos recommended.

Travel daydreaming: Trancoso, Brazil

A remote fishing village along Brazil's Bahia coast. A community green used for soccer games and parties. Hippies, explorers and Indian settlers. Artisan-influenced guest cottages. A southern-hemi holiday I could indulge in @ UXUA Casa Hotel.

Bounce in your wedding dress

I haven't posted a bounce photo in a while. This one makes me want to bounce on my bed in my pjs (because I didn't have a big, white, puffy wedding dress).
(Found via Snippet & Ink)


Utterly cute. I think I'll send this image to my little sister.
(Found via Snippet & Ink)

Earth Day Goodness

Last week was one of the most hectic this year as it was the official roll-out of this 14-month project I've been managing @ work. During the 14-hour days and despite a car collision, I had a sunshine moment: winning an organic fabric sample set from green crafting guru Betz White! A habit inherited from my mom, I 'secretly' enter contests - not the kind where you can win an all-expenses paid cruise from your grocery store but rather the small, simple kind. Like the one organized by Betz and 11-other organically-minded fabric designers. Can't wait until I receive the Indian Summer sample set. I think I'll make another bird mobile with it.