Summer is yellow

Over on Poppytalk, they are talking about all things summer and yellow. Yellow is my go-to flower colour, like these lilies from my dad's garden.


Inspiration: Furniture revival

Cleaned out and organized my dad's studio-like garage for all my furniture restoration projects. Found this inspiration @ Knack Designs.


Happy weekend

It's the G20. It's raining. But I'm happy its the start to some lazy summer days. Picture of the Hub jumping the tennis net taken yesterday.


Summer baskets

I'm not a style hound (can I admit I don't know who Jane Birkin is/was) but I would totally tote this basket around with me this summer.  Found via the very stylish, this is glamorous.

Uber-organized entrance way

...but for the uber-organized ME, this Martha Stewart 'cubicle' style entrance way gets me going. Found via Apartment Therapy.

Entrance way

I'm drawn to this simple, clean and functional entrance way (although that front door leaves alot to be desired). Found via Apartment Therapy.

Bounce...it's summer!

And I've made my own recent bounce of late...This Bounce Girl has landed back in the city of her birth, Toronto. I've been thinking that it is a good time for a rebirth and new focus for this blog. Stay tuned. And make sure to bounce this summer. Philippe Halsman photo found via Checks and Spots.


Cute caravan

While Airstreams reign supreme in my love of mobile living, this is one cute caravan that would make a nice little weekend getaway. Found at Curly Birds.

Happy solstice

A picnic with friends didn't materialize so I jumped on my bike for a long summer ride along the Humber and down to the lake. Happy solstice. Summer, I am going to eat you up. Summer bike photo by Clumsy Bird and found via Poppytalk.

Ninth-month mark

I meant to post about this on Saturday but the weekend was too beautiful to be indoors. Loving the Hub who is back in Sarnia again this week.


Inspiration: Summer goals

There is a new tumblr blog by two Portland friends that describes their summer goals through photography (including their completed crosswords)! As I heart lists and goals, it is inspiration for getting out there and enjoying the most of this season. My own summer goal list to be posted shortly. Found via Unruly Things and photo by tickledpickle.

Tiny spaces

Could the Hub and I live in a tiny house? When I see images like the one below I am inspired but at the same time, everything is organized and tidied; what happens when your husband's hobbies include windsurfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing? Maybe you live in a tiny house and have a really large studio/garage out back? Discovered via Darling Dexter.

Travel daydreaming: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Oh gosh, I want to go here. Bea's photographs ooze relaxation and beauty. And oh, those parrot fish! This place is definitely going to to the top of the list for our Brushcuts' 40 trip.


The Hub and I have been sipping blueberry smoothies each morning as I try to reduce our freezer content before our weekend move - including blueberries and raspberries picked last summer. Image via a blog that is new to me: Little Brown Pen. I'll be visiting for a while to see if it is one to include in my daily visual travels.

Wish list

As I pack, I question how we managed to amass so much additional stuff over the last two years. But it doesn't lessen the sweetness of this blue fish zip purse by kit + lili. First spotted over on Simple Lovely, one of the blogs I check regularly. Would make a fun summer addition.