Where to eat in Sarnia: The Raj Mahal

I've said this before. Stuff in Sarnia is hard to find. You don't walk downtown and pass ethnic food restaurants. You have to seek them out. Or your husband's barber has to pass him a photocopied take-out menu for the former pharmacist who now prepares authentic Indian food from his home kitchen: The 'Raj' Mahal because the former pharmacist is named Raj. Highly recommended if you aren't up for crushing your own spices. 24-hour advance notice required.


Toronto neighbourhoods

While I bounced out of Toronto a number of years ago, the Hub and I go back so frequently that I think that maybe it's time for us to return? Well, Ork Posters has finally completed their Toronto Neighbourhood poster. I first came across Ork when we were in Chicago in 2008. It was the weekend the Hub proposed (in minus forty degree weather) so as momento, we bought the Chicago poster. Since then, we also purchased their mighty Great Lakes inspired one.


Favourite colours

Textile designer Karen Barbe's lemon zest and soft taupe tiles are stunning...and a perfect match for two of my favourite colours.


An ideal wardrobe

Oh, if I had an Euro-inspired budget for clothes, I would easily indulge in the sophisticated yet simple looks above.
(Found here and here)

Wish list

Doesn't this brown leather weekender from Rowallan make you want to escape on a weekend getaway to a quaint country inn? I'd grab the Hub and head to the Benmiller Inn in Goderich, just up the shore from Sarnia.


Relax...into the week

The weekend went so quickly but I am going to try to relax into the start of the week. And maybe day dream of relaxing in a lovely bed (grey of course) like the one above.
(Discovered via blue moss)

Where to shop in Sarnia: Modern Philosophy

One of the few good boutiques in Sarnia is Modern Philosophy on Christina Street. I was in this week to pick up a silk, military green dress by Dept. The collections are thoughtful and well selected. As the owner is an interior designer by training, the boutique is relaxing to browse through. As is the case with most gems in Sarnia is that the store is a little hidden and could be easily missed. While it is downtown, it is just pass City Hall in a dark-brick, squat building that doesn't have great window display.

Aurora Joy

In the T.O. this weekend for a baby shower for one of my Brushcuts. Four babies entertained us including the precious Aurora Joy.

Louise's knitting bag

My first solo sewing project. With fabric from The Workroom, I replaced the tired floral pattern on my sister-in-law's knitting fold-out bag with this fresh, fun pattern. I was so proud of myself. The Hub said all I needed to do was practice and well, he was right.

Chalkboard inspiration


Homemade wish list

I'm pretending that I got a raise today and I've gone imaginary shopping over at Poppytalk Handmade.

1. Lovely wooden slate table by bookhou
2. Hand-knitted neck warmer by sandra juto
3. Let's Go Ride print by 1canoe2


Travel daydreaming: Livek, Slovenia

What a delight to receive a sweet e-mail from Katja this morning. She's Nebesa's grand dame and she'll always have a special place in my heart as she picked the flowers for my wedding bouquet and was such a gracious hostess. No judgement of our somewhat unusual wedding.

In Katja's words:

"We had a hard but beautiful winter with a lot of snow. But just now Livek is like you can see in the photo. Nebesa not flooded by safron. You remember? We are specialized for grasses. It only started to grow but it promises."

Today, I wish I was in sitting in a cafe, sipping a kava, watching these hillside flowers.

Wish list

Oh goodness. My desire for one of these is growing. Six months into our nuptial adventure and the baby pangs are intensifying. But, alas, I'm still in this funny place called Sarnia, hanging out in career limbo, a bounce on the horizon. So it will be a while yet...The Hub left after dinner tonight for Lansing, Michigan. I guess that's what happens when you live in a border city...you have to drive across that dang-thang and go to work meetings in funny places.
(Beautiful photo from rummey bears)


Travel daydreaming: Palm Springs

The Ace Hotel and Swim Club looks like a 50s-infused getaway in hot Palm Springs. The kind of place you could drink horchata at the bar and laze about.
(Discovered via Cup of Jo)

Displaying photos

Framed photos of our friends, family and travel are an important part of our home. I like how the photos above are all uniquely framed but come together is a clean, cohesive look due to the simple glass shelves.
(Image found via emmas designblogg)

I'd go to the Silver Screen

Right up there alongside Le Petit Prince, Le Petit Nicholas was one of my favourite stories to read during high school French class. The antics of the young school boy and his classmates made me giggle. I doubt the movie will come to the theatre in Sarnia but it will be worth searching out in the T.O.
(Discovered via Lark About)


With a forecast of fabulously warm weather for the next couple of weeks, I think skateboards will be part of our days. The Hub just got two new shortboards so I think I'll ride beside him on his longboard. A fun way to get around.
(DanielMoyerDesign longboard found via Apartment Therapy)



The Hub is home from Costa Rica - sunned and gleeful. It's an incredibly warm Good Friday and I'm sipping a cup of my new favourite earl gray tea. Browsing all of my favourite blogs that I've been away from during my me-holiday. It was nice to be offline for a while. Enjoy this day.
(Image via fields and woods)