No. 7

Take 10 classes of yoga at Mandorla to 'aggressively relax' for the holidays. Tomorrow is class number ten.


Daily mantra

Enhance the everyday. Doesn't that make a simple daily mantra? To find beauty, peace or creativity in each day's hours. It is a mantra echoed in the life and work of stylist and creative force Pia Jane Bijkerk (she lives on a houseboat in Amsterdam - how whimsical), and it is one I will try to adopt over the next few weeks as my own life hopefully starts to transition into a new space.
(Photo collage by Pia Jane Bijkerk)


No. 26

Our first Christmas tree as Hub and Wife.


No. 31

Looks like we'll be spending our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. in the picturesque Eastern Townships of Quebec. I'm excited.


No. 9

Paint my nails a festive colour.


67 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

Inspired by this Molson Canadian ad, I am putting together my own list of 67 ways to enjoy the holidays:

1. Gaze @ celebrity portraits at the Vanity Fair exhibit @ the ROM (until Jan. 3. 2010).
2. Indulge in buttery perogies @ Granowska's in Roncey.
3. Make my own gift wrap and tags with recycled materials.
4. Skate circles around the Hub @ Harbourfront.
5. Breathe in the tropics @ a local conservatory one afternoon.
6. Do a crossword @ the Red Rocket.
7. Take 10 classes of yoga @ Mandorla Yoga to help 'aggressively relax' for the holidays.
8. Pick up a winter wool sweater @ H&M.
9. Paint my nails a festive colour.
10. Drink hot chocolate and stroll through High Park.

11. Take pictures at all our winter outings.
12. Order in Firenze's when it is too cold to go outside.
13. Drink boozy eggnog with nutmeg.
14. Indulge in the chocolate of Stubbe's on Davenport.
15. Build a snowwoman.
16. Wax and use the cross-country skiis.
17. Read two new books.
18. Go tobogganing.
19. Gear up for snowboarding - new helmut, jacket and boots.
20. Drink good hot chocolate.

21. Eat homemade soup and good bread.
22. Relax, take a swim, steam or sauna at Body Blitz.
23. Two massages - post-party and pre-Christmas.
24. Make a donation with our empties $$ to The Inn of the Good Shepherd.
25. Christmas clipboard art.
26. Our first Christmas tree.
27. New winter stockings from The Bay.
28. A new hair cut.
29. Solstice in Kensington Market.
30. Snowflakes on my tongue.

I need 37 more...


Morning light

Cashmere-wool goodness...and Made in Canada too

Oh goodness. I ordered the 'Morgan' Coat last night from dace in british columbia. I'm tres excited to receive it and more excited to wear it - a cashmere-wool blend in gun metal grey. And it was forty percent off the sale price. Props to Alyson @ Unruly Things the heads up about the sample sale.


Alphabet Posters

Just bought this adorable alphabet poster for the little Rio Star! Designed and printed by Enna and available on Etsy. If this one doesn't suit your fancy, check out the alphabet poster guide on Design Sponge.


On loan

It's December. The year is almost over so I am trying to get in a few substantial and meaningful reads before the New Year. I borrowed John Steinbeck's The Red Pony from the library last week and I am in delighting in its innocence - well at least the first three chapters.