Yogic bliss

A nugget of happiness and beauty in Sarnia: Stefani Hoyt-Walterhouse's yoga classes. It was my second visit to her Bright Street yoga studio and home (powered by Bullfrog I might add) and she once again blew me away with the small personal touches she adds to each of her classes.

The first time she placed blankets over each student during the closing relaxation (classes are kept at a minimum of eight students).

But this week, she massaged lavender oil into our temples and briefly massaged our necks while we hung out in supported shoulder stand! You've got to be kidding me! I was completely blissed out and couldn't help but smile.

Stef's approach: "I try to love every student that walks into my studio."

Keep the love flowing Stef. I'll take as much as you've got to give.

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