No. 21

Make a point of relaxing with the Hub; number 21 on my 2010 list of goals. I found inspiration in a post by a New Zealand quilt maker to truly enjoy my Saturday morning:

Purchase one magazine - a favourite with decent stories as well as pictures. Walk with a dog/friend (friend only invited if they have their own magazine) to a delightful place such as the one above. Sit in the chair so invitingly available with a large drink and read the whole magazine (read, not flick), from cover to cover, including the recipes. That should take about 2.5 hours. Walk home and get on with the chaos of the weekend.

So, accompanied by my best friend, the Hub, I bought a magazine - Vanity Fair's March issue for me, a windsurfing pub for him - and plopped myself down into an overstuffed leather chair beside the fireplace in a downtown coffee shop. Two hours slipped by. We walked home in brilliant winter sunshine.
(Inspiration found via pia jane bijkerk)

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