the 2009 list

Fly-by. That's this week's theme with work-work, freelance-work, tea with my Sarnia lifesaver, the treadmill and meetings. But now it's Friday night. The Hub and I watched The Cove (and I also multi-tasked with laundry, dinner, belated Christmas gifts and weekend plans). We are in bed with the Hub tucked into 'his spot' (which is the crook of my right arm) and I'm finally opening my neglected journal. The last entry dates August 16, 2009 and I'm ashamed at my neglect of the pen. The Hub asked if I would promise to pick it up more often, to return to my daily practice, and I asked back: where do I find the time? I just need to make it...

...so in review of 2009, when on January 4, I set 32 goals for my 32nd year...this is how I did:

1. I got my EU passport
2. I cross-country skied once a month (while there was snow)
3. I savoured homemade soups and stews
4. I continued to run and swim
5. I painted my toes and waxed my eyebrows (consistently)
6. I continued to stretch my arm and shoulder to wellness
7. I ran my second half-marathon
8. WE GOT MARRIED in an intimate celebration of two in Europe
9. I started this blog
10. I saved our empties money and made a donation to a local food bank
11. I made lots of homemade jam - blueberry and raspberry
12. I borrowed books from the library
13. I made a mix CD for Jasmine (but not Peter)
15. We saved lots of money (because of living in Sarnia)
16. I had many fun visits with Jasmine and Rio
17. I actually got prints from all our digital photos made
18. I indulged in massage as much as I could afford to
19. I laughed with my girls

What didn't get experienced:

20. I stopped taking myself out on Artists' Dates (about August of last year)
21. I stopped exploring rewarding career opportunities
22. My 'Bounce' manuscript is in a drawer
23. The second 'level' coat rack never got assembled (but I bought the old level and brass hooks)
23. I don't do a crossword a night as I use to
24. I didn't watch any Paul Newman movies
25. While the old dresser was bought, I never refinished it in the spring b/c of lack of space
26. The NZ rock mat still hasn't been made
27. I haven't organized an India movie night with my Bangladeshi photos
28. I haven't organized a NZ movie night
29. I haven't attempted to bake homemade bread
30. We are still in Sarnia (21 months and counting...)
31. There isn't a morning ritual of writing and warm lemon water....

...but there is another year. Welcome to 2010.
(print by MaryKateMcDevitt via Mint)

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