Birthday weekend

The Hub and I played hooky to celebrate the start to my birthday weekend. Mimosas and poached egg-bacon sandies on the freshest chiabata. A funny homemade card alongside a potted gerbia daisy and two milk chocolate bars. We went to Canatera Park in hopes I could skate on the pond but the ice looked a little dodgey. I indulged @ Adora Day Spa while the Hub drank pints and watched the men's Australian Open semi-final. Tonight - Italian indulgence in Point Edward at the much reputed Salvatores' - there is no menu but you are brought heaps of fresh-made pasta. Oh, and we bought each other handmade moccasins from the Aboriginal gift shop.

And tomorrow, my dear friend Lindz descends for some cross-border shopping.

I am so lucky. Happy Birthday to ME.

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