the 2010 list

Thirty-3 goals for a new + 33rd year

Hangovers from 2009 that I think are worth putting down again this year include:

1. Bake homemade bread at least once

2. Move out of Sarnia

3. Organize movie nights in honour of New Zealand, Bangladesh and Paul Newman

4. Continue to stretch my shoulder and arm to wellness

5. Make a NZ rock mat

6. Crosswords @ night

7. One me-date per week

And new ones:

8. Start saving for the Girls’ 40 – seven years to do it

9. Only take the trips I really want to with the people I really want to be with – it’s not worth going somewhere with someone just because I think I should

10. Celebrate the 19th every month

11. Get the wedding albums completed and a print blown up for the house

12. Frame our remaining prints – Croatia and the B.C. stones

13. Reinstate the ‘Friend’ Jar

14. Hope that it snows again so I can cross-country ski and snowboard @ least once more

15. Reduce the dairy

16. Stay committed to running and swimming and yoga

17. Try to explore Kundalini on a deeper level or auyverdic medicine

18. Another article published

19. Surprise Jasmine @ least once this year

20. Go to a wicked out door concert

21. Make a point of relaxing with the Hub

22. Read a book a month

23. Start a favourite phrase and word book

24. Homemade wedding gifts

25. More phone and less e-mail

26. Chip away at laser eye saving

27. Chip away at the ideal wardrobe list

28. Honour Adie, Jaye, Em, Kate and Jobu

29. Make a birthday calendar

30. Practice my rhythm with the Hub outdoors during the warm weather

31. Take the Hub to the cottage as much as possible to windsurf

32. Give energy and care to myself

33. Indulge in massage as much as I can afford

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